August 19, 2013

Common Core aligned College & Career Unit!!!

I think one of the greatest skills a high schooler can have upon graduating is being prepared for the real world. My parents own their own business and are always complaining about how people can't write a proper cover letter, or their resumes are riddled with errors.

So I've created a College & Career unit that will not only prepare our students for the real world, but is also Common Core aligned. Having an inside track on what employers are looking for is the great secret to this unit! We need to give these students the skills they need to survive, and this is a great way to start.

This unit is aligned with the 11-12th grade standards, but I suppose you could use it with 9th or 10th graders too; most kids do start looking for jobs in 10th grade, why not have a great resume to start?

The unit contains:

-College Research Presentation [Common Core Standard W.11-12.6 and SL.11-12.2]
-College Research Presentation Rubric
-Building an effective resume
-Resume Template
-Cover Letter Template
-Activity: Finding errors in a  cover letter
-Career Research Project [Common Core Standard RI.11-12.7, SL.11-12.2]
-Rubric for Career Research Project

This unit can be as short as a week or so, or stretched to three or four, depending upon the time you have. I think it'd be great to try to find time to squeeze it in if you can.

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Here are a couple preview shots:

 Hope this is useful! Please leave comments if you think so!


  1. This looks great! At my high school, our senior year English in the resource room has been redeveloped to fit in many of the life skills you mentioned above. They also discuss self-advocacy and take interest surveys. I think ALL students need these skills taught in school. Thank you for recognizing this need.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I think it's such a shame that our kids don't get the real-world experience that seniors need before entering the real world. Thanks for commenting!


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