July 23, 2013

Editable Sub Binder-FREE

Hi ya'll! Thought I'd get out another post and freebie before I leave on vacation for a few days. This editable chevron sub binder is super cute and fun! It's for the upper grades because it does not have the complicated stuff like, who buys what for lunch, or reading time, or anything like that. Just the basics :)

The difficulty I'm having is that I use the font KG Flavor and Frames to create the label for the text, and if you don't have it...it just shows up as the letter 'a'. So make sure you download the FREE FONT KG Flavor and Frames. Then it'll look all pretty and work how it's supposed to.

And here's my binder:

And my Welcome Page. I put a pic of myself in the bottom corner...just so they know who I am, and I sign the page.

I'm also going to upload a link to the PDF in case you just want to the keep the labels as is and not deal with it :)

And here is the link to the Editable Power Point in my TPT store.

Remember if you want to have it show up correctly in the Power Point, download the font
KG Flavor and Frames.
And if you like the text, it's Birmingham.

Have a great day!!