July 22, 2013

10 Things I've Learned...Link-up!

I'm excited about this link up! I feel like I've learned so many things over the last 5 [6 if you count student teaching] years of teaching, and some are doozies :) The blog Miss Kindergarten  is hosting a link up of the 10 things you've learned about/from teaching. Now, most of the people linking up are elementary school teachers, so it might be fun to see how we differ.

Here we go...High School Style:

1) Kids are horrible at ages....apparently I'm 40 [I am 30] which makes me sad. Not that there's anything wrong with 40, but at30, you don't want to be 40 just yet :)

2) Teenagers know how to work adults. I used to want to give everyone a chance if they had a little sob story...well then everyone had a little sob story and guess how many were true....like 5%. Sigh, oh well...

3) Not every lesson will be exciting and engaging in high school...and that's OK! Sometimes there are just things we have to teach, or we just have to read a book...deal with it kids.

4) I've learned that I spend too much money on school supplies and making my classroom look cute...do they care??

5) I found this e-card at the end of the school year and it sums up high school PERFECTLY!

6) Unfortunately, high school boys are going to talk about their female teachers, no matter what they wear, so stop stressing so much.

7) If you put it out there that you LOVE Starbucks....guess what you'll get for Christmas, or Teacher Appreciation, or anything??? STARBUCKS CARDS!!!!!!

8) Try your best no matter what. Sometimes the kids would be so bad I would just sit at my desk and say, "Ok, if you aren't going to pay attention and learn, I'm not going to teach you". Eventually they would settle down, but you don't want them to know they defeated you...even for that quick second.

9) I AM A GOOD TEACHER....I AM A GOOD TEACHER...I AM A GOOD TEACHER.....chant it over and over until you believe it.

10) We are changing lives, and kids look up to us. Be the role model they need, especially in high school when things are so rough.

So excited to join this link up! Excited to see what others have to say too :)


  1. I just found your blog through pintrest (ReadBox), and I'm so excited to read about your upper school English ideas.
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    1. Thanks! It's exciting to have a fellow English teacher to share ideas with!