May 29, 2013

Class Schedule Changes for Next Year...

So we got our schedules for next year, and my English Support class got cancelled for Fall Semester :( It's still on for Spring, but I was hoping to have it both semesters. Oh well. I'll still be able to prep the Spring kids for the CAHSEE.

By the Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All but one of my Eng. Support kids I have right now passed the CAHSEE!!!!!!!!!! Much props to Erika for lending me CAHSEE stuff and ideas! I'm so excited and the kids were so proud! They got their scores in their cohort class [like homeroom] and I had kids running in from other classes to tell me they passed! What an awesome experience for them to feel accomplished and proud :)

So hopefully I can continue to improve my lessons and help the kids next Spring too. It gives me confidence though knowing that what we did worked! Yay! Love that feeling...

I'm also changing out a book for next year to flow more with Common Core. Instead of teaching Black Boy, I'll be teaching Cry, The Beloved Country. So if anyone has any lesson plan ideas for that, please let me know! I've got a speech by Nelson Mandela that we'll be reading as expository text, and I've made a webquest of South Africa politics as a background research project, but that's it so far :/ So let me know!

Hope you're having a good week!

Oh, saw this pic on Facebook the other night and it totally fits these last two weeks of school!

Have a great last few weeks!!!!

May 21, 2013

More of the Stargirl Unit

Hi guys! I've still been creating more activities for my Stargirl's going really well. We just finished reading the books and the kids loved it...even the guys! It's very Jr. High/High School relatable and so the kids were totally into it. Everyone can identify with at least one character in the story.

Here's a creative activity for the kids to try to experience what Stargirl must have been thinking during the Hot Seat Interview :)

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Have a great day!

May 16, 2013

Stargirl paper prompt

 Hi everyone! So I've been continuing to work on my Stargirl unit, and have created an essay prompt for when we finish the novella. We are doing a persuasive/argument paper because that is what Common Core is moving toward. Though any paper students write technically are argument papers because a good, coherent thesis is always arguable. :) It's a fun topic though, and the kids will use quotations from the novella to prove their thesis.


Click here to go to my TPT store to download the FREE Stargirl paper prompt.

May 15, 2013

May Currently....late

Hi Guys! So sorry I'm so late with my May currently! We've had state testing, and I've been sick, and yeah, I forgot. :(

Also, it was Teacher Appreciation Week last week so yay to all of us who teach! We deserve a week of appreciation :)

I'm also still working on my Stargirl unit, so I'll have some more for that coming up too!

But for now, here's my May currently.