March 22, 2013

My new Podium and Spring Break!!!

Spring Break starts today at 5pm when I'm done judging cheer tryouts!!!!!! I can't wait. Even though I have Lit Circle packets to grade and a test to create for my English Support class, I plan on relaxing the rest of the time. I hoping there's sun so I can start to work on being less pasty :)

So we have this AMAZING custodian at our school. One of his gifts is that he loves to build things...he built benches for our students to sit on during lunch and break, and he built a podium for the teacher next door to me. Well I saw his and became envious! But his was a bit chunkier than what I wanted, or have room for :/ So I talked to our custodian and asked if he'd build me a podium, with a little smaller frame. And he came up with the cutest thing!
There's a shelf for the speakers, when I play a power point or education movie, and then the top where the computer is, has a lip on it so if the podium gets bumped, the computer won't just slide off.  I love it!!!!!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to do my first power point from it :) I'm a nerd :)

Anyway, hope you all have amazing spring breaks, or a good last week until your spring break :)

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