February 4, 2013

Facebook Character Profile Sheets-FREEBIE

I've realized that the students are not super into the charts that I'm having them fill out to chart character progress throughout the novel. So I decided to keep up with the times, since all high schoolers have a Facebook page, and create Facebook profiles for each character. The name and 2 friends are filled in for them, but the students are responsible for filling out the rest of the information.

What I like about the profile pages is that they still let me monitor whether the students understand the novel or not. I ask the students to create a post from each character, from the beginning, middle, and end of the novel to trace character development. Then, under each post, the students are asked to write down which characters in the novel would "like" that comment. This is GREAT for making sure the students comprehend the novel...if Snowball is liking Napoleon's post about kicking Snowball out, then I KNOW they're not understanding the story :)

This is a FREEBIE that can be downloaded from my TPT store :)

Here's a glimpse:
This is for Animal Farm, but it's a word doc, so you can easily change the characters and any text :)

Just please keep my name at the bottom, for credit, and then feel free to tack yours on after mine :)



  1. Oh these are great - I just recently did a unit where students created FB profiles for their characters in Canterbury Tales — would have been great to have these.


    1. I know! I can't believe it took me this long to do it!!