January 30, 2013

Bad Blogger & New School Year [sort of]

I've been a bad blogger! I haven't posted in almost a month...but I have a very good excuse! The dog ate my homework :) Just kidding. But I have been busy. We had finals in January and for us, that's the end of the school year, and then we start over again this week with a whole new set of kids as if it's the first day of school again.

So I decided to do a new "first day of school" activity this semester. I had the kids make an Acrostic Poem with their first names, and then that first initial, alliteration with their first name, becomes part of their name for the class.

For example:
If I were a student, I would be Magical Ms. Wolters :)

Here's one a student did:
She changed hers a little to become Cheerful Carly...

It's actually kind of fun and it surprisingly helped me remember ALL their names on the first day!!!! It also creates a sense of community in the classroom to have these nicknames and everyone feels silly so it's a lot of fun!

Just thought it was a fun first day of school activity to share :) 

More fun stuff coming soon...promise! No more waiting four weeks!!

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