December 11, 2012

Cheap Staff Christmas Gifts!!!

I love the Dollar Tree! So many great things for $1!! I have a bunch of co-workers at school that I am close with, at school, and my English department that I wanted to get gifts for this year. But...I am not made of money...surprise right?!

I saw a great idea, on Pinterest, for an idea involving whisks [and yes, I checked the spelling and this is the proper way to spell it when referring to this gift; not wisk].

So I bought a bunch of whisks at the Dollar Tree, and Hershey kisses. Stuff the kisses inside the whisk, and viola! A great gift! The best part is the tag though, that really makes the gift. The tag say "Whisking you a Merry Kissmas" cute! I finished the gift by wrapping clear gifting paper around the whisk and tying the tag to it with a bow of ribbons. So great and only cost about $1.25 per person.

At Christmas time I like to thank all the people at the school who work hard but aren't always thanked. So this is my way of being able to do so.

These aren't the greatest pics, took them last night with my cell phone, but you get the point!

And here is the google docs link to the tags for the whisks. I just put "Whisking you a Merry Kissmas! From,     " and left a blank space for you to sign your name. I cut mine out with cute decorative scissors, but if you don't have those that's fine!

Enjoy...spread the cheer!

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