December 28, 2012

Blog Domain Name for Christmas!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's been a hectic month! My sister had her baby boy, school ended, and Christmas! And in the midst of all that, my sister and her husband still got me an incredible Christmas gift: they bought me the domain name for my blog! Cool huh?! They even made a cute little certificate with the heels border on the top and bottom of the page :)

So now, people can just type in and it will redirect to It's cool because there are so many blog generators out there, that sometimes people forget to type in the "blogspot" part. Now there's no confusion.

What a great gift and I can't wait to see it start working!
*Has anyone else done this? Have you noticed a difference in your blog attendance or visitors?

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and is enjoying their vacations :) I may or may not post again before New Year's, so if I don't...Have a great New Year!!!!

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