December 14, 2012

50 by the end of the Year?!

I'm so excited about how my following has grown! I love the fact that I can share ideas with so many other teachers, and get ideas from them too! Well I'm hoping I can get 50 followers by the end of the year....that would be so exciting for me! I'm always looking to expand the network of teachers so we can learn and grow, all to help the kids.

I've seen so many people doing giveaways when they reach a certain number of followers, and this sounds like an awesome idea. Here's a problem though, everything I put on TPT is it's not like you'd be getting a goodie really. And since this is about thanking those who follow me, I'd thought I'd put it out there:

What would people like to see as a prize??

I've been looking on some other blogs and getting some ideas, but this is about you guys!! So tell me something that would be fun to get!

Hoping to make it to 50,


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  2. ^That is spam. :)

    I think people love gift cards and it will bring you even more followers. I do Starbucks gift cards or Target and people love it! Congrats on 50! Also, I'm more than happy to donate something from my store for any giveaway you have. Your blog is the cutest!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. I figured it was :/

      Great ideas! Thanks! I think I might do an Office Depot gift card because I know I have to buy a lot of my own supplies and it's like my school heaven :)

      Do you know how to get those "apps" that I can use for picking a winner?

      Thanks Irene!!