December 28, 2012

Blog Domain Name for Christmas!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's been a hectic month! My sister had her baby boy, school ended, and Christmas! And in the midst of all that, my sister and her husband still got me an incredible Christmas gift: they bought me the domain name for my blog! Cool huh?! They even made a cute little certificate with the heels border on the top and bottom of the page :)

So now, people can just type in and it will redirect to It's cool because there are so many blog generators out there, that sometimes people forget to type in the "blogspot" part. Now there's no confusion.

What a great gift and I can't wait to see it start working!
*Has anyone else done this? Have you noticed a difference in your blog attendance or visitors?

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and is enjoying their vacations :) I may or may not post again before New Year's, so if I don't...Have a great New Year!!!!

December 14, 2012

50 by the end of the Year?!

I'm so excited about how my following has grown! I love the fact that I can share ideas with so many other teachers, and get ideas from them too! Well I'm hoping I can get 50 followers by the end of the year....that would be so exciting for me! I'm always looking to expand the network of teachers so we can learn and grow, all to help the kids.

I've seen so many people doing giveaways when they reach a certain number of followers, and this sounds like an awesome idea. Here's a problem though, everything I put on TPT is it's not like you'd be getting a goodie really. And since this is about thanking those who follow me, I'd thought I'd put it out there:

What would people like to see as a prize??

I've been looking on some other blogs and getting some ideas, but this is about you guys!! So tell me something that would be fun to get!

Hoping to make it to 50,

December 11, 2012

Cheap Staff Christmas Gifts!!!

I love the Dollar Tree! So many great things for $1!! I have a bunch of co-workers at school that I am close with, at school, and my English department that I wanted to get gifts for this year. But...I am not made of money...surprise right?!

I saw a great idea, on Pinterest, for an idea involving whisks [and yes, I checked the spelling and this is the proper way to spell it when referring to this gift; not wisk].

So I bought a bunch of whisks at the Dollar Tree, and Hershey kisses. Stuff the kisses inside the whisk, and viola! A great gift! The best part is the tag though, that really makes the gift. The tag say "Whisking you a Merry Kissmas" cute! I finished the gift by wrapping clear gifting paper around the whisk and tying the tag to it with a bow of ribbons. So great and only cost about $1.25 per person.

At Christmas time I like to thank all the people at the school who work hard but aren't always thanked. So this is my way of being able to do so.

These aren't the greatest pics, took them last night with my cell phone, but you get the point!

And here is the google docs link to the tags for the whisks. I just put "Whisking you a Merry Kissmas! From,     " and left a blank space for you to sign your name. I cut mine out with cute decorative scissors, but if you don't have those that's fine!

Enjoy...spread the cheer!

December 5, 2012

A-Z Alphabet Theme/Motif Game

Test time!! My students have a test on Black Boy tomorrow, and to help study I created a study guide. I also however, created a game! I tried this once 5 years ago in student teaching, but hadn't used it since. We did it today and the kids had so much fun!!

First, I split the desks up and made an aisle up the middle of my classroom which also created two teams.
Second, I made the posters for the students to write on and covered the title of the poster until we played the game [I didn't want them distracted by thinking about words].

1) Only one person per team at a time writing down a word
2) Students must write words in alphabetical order: 1st person must do A, 2nd must do B, etc.
3) NO shouting out answers to the person writing, if you need to help the person, whisper it up the line like "telephone" :)
4) First team done wins, IF the teacher approves all the themes/motifs written the other team should keep going in case the first team isn't approved!
*I gave the winning team 2 extra credit points on their test

Check out the pics...we had fun!!!

Letters X, Y, and Z are obviously the I was a little easier on them. But Xi means peace in Chinese and a student came up with it :) Youth and Zeal work, so YAY!!!

Try out this game and see if your kids like it :)

December 2, 2012

December Currently

Yay it's time for a new Currently!! I'm so glad I found Oh' Boy 4th Grade's blog!!!! I love that Farley added in the Random Acts of Kindness. I'd seen this on another blog the other day and it really hit me that the random acts of kindness are sort of part of the true meaning of Christmas I'm going to try to share some random acts this month in the spirit of Christmas. Well here it goes, hope you enjoy.

Have a great December, and remember to spread the joy of Random Acts of Kindness.