November 11, 2012

Western Showdown!!!

As a warm up everyday, my students come in and write down the root and example word of the day; together we come up with example words and share out. They all have a Roots Notebook that I made for them, and they use this to keep track of the 10 roots that will be on that week's quiz. Looks something like this:

Root                    Definition                     Example Words
Chron                  Time                             Chronological, Chronology, Anachronistic

Normally I make a practice quiz for them to take to study for the quiz. But when we're in the Black Boy unit, we have a little fun! Black Boy is set in the south, and the main character's uncle owns a saloon. So we had a little Roots Showdown, or Roots Shootout technically. I first learned about this from the QLN workshop I've been to the last two years...I just add my own touches. It's a fun game that the students LOVE, and it's a great way to practice for the quiz.

Here's how it works:
  • Student's go up two at a time, and I give them plastic, orange guns
  • They stand back to back
  • As I count to 3, they take 3 steps away from each other, just like a shootout
  • I then say the Root word
  • Whoever turns around first, shoots, and says the definition of the root....WINS that round!
  • The winner stays up, and the next opponent steps up
  • Whoever stays up the longest, wins. 
I bring in prizes, I pour them RootBeer, it's a ton of fun. The students this year even clapped and chanted for the winner....yes, high schoolers got excited about school...hahahaahha, I win! :)
Here's a pic of how I decorate the doorway to set the scene:
I forgot to take pictures of the RootBeer, and didn't want to take pics of the kids [showing their faces], so the door is all you get :)

But this game could work with anything: Vocab, Spelling, Parts of Speech, even for other subjects as well. Try it out and see for yourself how into the kids get!

See, Learning is Fun!

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