November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Send Off!!

I love making crafts....some might say I'm a "crafty" person....but I teach high school. So I don't get to do the fun crafts like "trace your hand and make it a turkey" card. Fortunately, I LOVE to bake...and what high schooler won't take free food?!

So to celebrate going on Thanksgiving Break, and because they actually sort of had a rough jigsaw assignment, I told all my classes, yup, ALL, that I would make them Pumpkin Pancakes and Pumpkin Bread/Muffins for class on Friday.

So Thursday night I drove around like a chicken with it's head cut off [simile and idiom, go English teacher] looking for all these supplies, driving to my parents' house to steal the griddle, and making a million loaves of pumpkin bread [hyperbole-it was really a million, more like a hundred, but it felt like a million].

The result? I am now the "best teacher ever" according to my students :) Anyway, I think we all had fun with it, and they still worked the entire class period, which really surprised me!

[Me getting ready to bake over 120 pancakes...]

[...and the pumpkin muffins & pumpkin bread slices I baked the night before. And to the left of the pic is the giant thing of syrup I bought :)]

Overall a great last day of school before break. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break! We deserve it!!! :)


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  3. Its head cut off, not it's head cut off. :-)