November 25, 2012

How to turn 1st into 3rd Person- Poster FREEBIE

When writing papers, almost all of my students use first person at some point or another. I've tried explaining the concept that since their name is on the paper, they don't have to say "I think" in every paragraph...but for some, that concept just doesn't seem to stick.

I'm constantly giving the same suggestions to students, I mean constantly. So to save my voice and my sanity, I created a fun little poster to help them [and let's face it, me] out. I plan on enlarging the poster and hanging it in my classroom so it's VERY easy to see :) I may also hand it out to my English Support class as just a handout.

The pic above is just the top half of the poster. Go to my TPT store to download this FREEBIE Poster and enjoy!

Any other fun suggestions for struggles along this line? Any would be appreciated :)


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