October 13, 2012

Symbolism Projects & FREEBIE!

A few weeks ago I posted the video from So You Think You Can Dance regarding the Holocaust piece. We are coming to the end of our Holocaust unit, and it is time for the project and paper. I love this project for a few reasons: 1) It really solidifies for the kids what a symbol is; 2) The projects get better and better every year; and 3) The students really like this project--they get so into it and become very passionate about their work.

Part of why I love this project is the fact that the students have to create their own symbol. This is SUCH a struggle for a lot of students, but by the end of the project, they truly know what a symbol is. A lot of the projects start out as a literal representation, and so the students spend many hours narrowing down what concept they are trying to get across to the viewer, and learning how to create a non-literal piece.

Here are some of the examples I got this week!!

The puppet master and the heart are my favorite. Such detail and are went into those projects.

And now for the FREEBIE! I've created a page with the directions for the project; this handout also has a couple of these examples on it so the kids can get a good idea of where to start! Click on the link for my TPT Store to get this FREEBIE!

Enjoy and hope you find it useful,
Ms. W


  1. THESE PROJECTS ARE INCREDIBLE! About how much time do you give the students to work on these? Do you give each of them a certain amount of supplies? I LOVE this idea! :)

  2. Right?! I am blown away each year with how they turn out. For the honors students, I hand out the project one day, and their homework is to bring supplies to work on the project the next day. They then have the whole class period the next day [80 minutes], plus it's their homework that night too. I usually give 5 min the next day to put everything together to present.

    The college prep kids get the weekend to also complete their project.

    I don't 'provide' supplies per-se, but I have scissors, glue, markers, etc. I also let the students know that if finances are a problem to let me know and I'll help with supplies.

    It's one of my favorite projects, and the kids know about it coming in to the class and ask about it! Try it out...

    Thanks for asking!


  3. do you mind if I use one of these ideas and adjust it????

    1. Sure :) Please just put my name on the bottom and then "adapted from"...

  4. Hey! I just went to TPT to check it out and it was not there! Any chance you can tell me where to look?