October 17, 2012

Narrative Peer Revisioning FREEBIE!!

Another FREEBIE!! I'm on a roll!

We are wrapping up our Holocaust unit, and will be writing an autobiographical/narrative piece. The students are going to go to the Museum of Tolerance website and choose a child of the Holocaust to "become". They will then write a 2-3 page narrative in the first person point of view of that child-a sort of day in the life of.

Instead of doing a normal Peer Revisioning, where we check the thesis and the quotes, I wanted to focus more on the story that was being told. There are certain requirements for the paper, such as dialogue, metaphors or similes or foreshadowing, etc. So this checklist has the students not only check to see if the required elements are there, but to engage with the paper too. The peer revisioners need to write down certain key items from the paper to show that they can label and understand the elements.

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Happy Revisioning,
Ms. W

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