November 1, 2012

Literary Terms Alphabet-Power Point FREEBIE

Literary Terms....we've all had to teach them, and I bet we've all tried the same worksheets. While I do find merit in having to research and then write down the definitions and such to the different terms, I thought this could be a fun way to learn the terms as well.

Knowing what these literary terms mean will help the students be able to have deeper discussions, do well on state tests, and succeed in college. So many of these terms are generally taught in 9th grade, but often we teach them, only using a few throughout the year. And then I need to "review" them again in 10th grade, as I'm sure the 11th grade teacher needs to do as well, etc.

Maybe a different format, a visual format, will help sink some of these terms into their forgetful brains :)

Click here to see my TPT Store for the Power Point...It's FREE!

Feel free to use as is or edit as needed. However, please do give me credit, since it's free, by saying "Adapted from Stephanie Wolters" when showing in your classroom :)

Good luck!!
Ms. W

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