October 9, 2012

Descriptive Writing

As the final paper for the Holocaust unit, the students write a narrative. I think this unit lends itself very well to a creative writing piece, as opposed to a persuasive paper or response to literature. The students go onto the Museum of Tolerance website and choose a child of the Holocaust that they would like to "become" for the writing unit. They then write a first person narrative-sort of a day in the life of.

I encourage the students, well require is a better word, to have a lot of descriptive writing and figurative language in their piece. As a pre-writing activity, a week before we start the paper, I have the students bring an object to class. I don't tell them anything about it, except that they need to bring an object to class. We then participate in a descriptive writing session for 15 minutes.

The honors classes don't need too much in the way of "prompting", but for my college prep class, I created this poster to help them get started.
Using the 5 Senses it a great way to "jog" the memory of the kids of how to create a descriptive writing piece. This activity is a great way to start preparing the students for writing the Holocaust narrative next week.

Any other tips for descriptive writing?

Ms. W


  1. We always try and bring in some onomatopoeia words. The kiddos also love when we "bury" words in the word graveyard and try and use more descriptive words.

    Your chart is great! =)

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    Heather's Heart

    1. Awesome tip! Even high schoolers love those kinds of things; and they should know the definition of that literary term anyway! Thanks for following :)

      Ms. W