October 23, 2012

Computer Cart in my own Classroom!

Our school does not have a computer lab or library where our students can go to work on research projects or work on their papers. We do however, have our own computer carts! Each cart has 20 computers, which used to be more than enough. Now, however, our class size has grown to average 25 [no complaints, I know :)] so we don't have enough computers.

Anyway, I always take very good care of the computers, follow the rules about taking ID cards in exchange for a computers, etc. I report every time something is wrong with a computer and it gets fixed fairly quickly. HOWEVER, other teachers have been coming to borrow computers...now that we have more students, we have more teachers, but no more money for more computers. So I let them borrow them because I assume they'll take care of the computers the same way I would. This has turned out to be mostly true.

As time has gone on, the teachers have let the kids come over to get the computers, and the cart has never looked the same. I don't have time, while teaching my own class, to help their kids take care of the cart properly. So I finally created a few signs. Don't know why it took me so long!!

So here is my computer cart with the new signs on it. I even took pictures of what the cart looks like nice and clean when taken care of properly. Hopefully this will save me some time organizing the cart in the future :)

Thanks for reading!
Ms. W

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