September 17, 2012

Lunchbox fun!

Not that we ever have time to eat lunch as teachers, but I found a cool lunchbox for adults!
This website, has great lunchbox ideas for adults and kids! I ordered this version for a few reasons: It will fit in the mini fridge that three of us teachers share; It has three separate sections [main course, and two small sides] which will hopefully remind me to have a veggie and a fruit; They're dishwasher safe!!!!!!

So you can see from the picture that the options for packing a lunch are endless. Here's a few I came up with that I'm excited to try and maybe I'll pack healthy lunches now!:
1) A sandwich, carrots, and strawberries
2) Pita bread, meat, and hummus and/or veggies [which could be used with or without the pita]
3) A salad, side of meat, and a dessert :-)
4) Pasta, veggies, and a slice of garlic bread [get the carbs out of the way at lunch-more time to work them off]
5) Just throw some random stuff in spots that they fit into! LOL

Anyway, thought I'd share this great tip...packing your own lunch can save you money too since teachers are usually on a budget...if you're like me and spend your money on the kiddos :-)

Have a great week!!!
Ms. W

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