September 30, 2012

Grading Papers

Grading on the weekends? Why yes, that is my life as an English teacher. Not one day after the kids turned in their Animal Farm persuasive papers, did a student ask me if I was done grading them. Ummmm....yeah...I stayed up all night just to get your papers graded so you could look at the grade and not the comments I spent 20 minutes writing.

I am however trying to get them back within a week so that for those students who actually do read the comments, they can have time to adjust before the next paper. Since we're on an accelerated program, one week is like 2 or 3 in a year-long class.

One thing you'll notice from the picture below is that I use a very detailed rubric when grading papers. This gives the students a very clear picture of what they need to work on, and helps me to explain their grade. It's easy on me too because when a parent has a question about a grade, I can show them how detailed the rubric is and how it's NOT subjective.

So this was my weekend, and I'm still not done...but I needed a break so I thought I'd get back to the blog :)

Have a great week!
Ms. W


  1. I always struggle with creating rubrics. Would you be willing to share? Is this available in your TPT?

    1. Sure! Just send me your email and I'll send a few to you :)