September 8, 2012

Connecting Football with the Classroom!

While I do teach English and that occupies all my time, I somehow manage to coach cheer as well. While this post isn't totally classroom related, I have to share!!!

Our school won our first JV game yesterday, and our Varsity game tonight! My cheerleaders did great, proving that all our hard work and headaches must have paid off :)

*On a school related note, I have found that connecting with the football players and cheering at the games for them, and then analyzing the plays on Monday, has really helped me connect with them in the classroom. They're participating in class, they are asking questions, and trying their best. I think they like that I take an interest in what they do, and that I'm proud of their efforts.
And of course this is true with any extra curricular that we as teachers attend...the kids love to see us support them!!!!

Happy Weekend!!!
Ms. W

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