September 10, 2012

Animal Farm Picture Book

I love throwing in some fun and creating activities for my 10th graders. There's a kindergartener inside us all, and sometimes it's fun to let him/her out :)

When teaching my Animal Farm [George Orwell] unit, we talk about a lot of heavy topics. So this picture book activity is a way to make the unit be a little more light-hearted. It's also a very good formative assessment tool for me too. The students create a picture book of Animal Farm, choosing two main ideas from each chapter, and represent them with a quotation. They also draw a picture for each event as well. So the finished product is a 20 page picture book that, if done correctly, will accurately represent the novel, and be a great study tool for them!

I provided the link to my TPT Store so you can download the FREE assignment!

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Ms. W

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