August 22, 2012

Thank you cards

How many of us would LOVE a Starbucks gift card?? I know I would :) I have so many ladies in the front office that help me daily with teaching and coaching cheer...I need to thank them daily! I say thank you all the time, and write cute little thank you cards too. But when I saw this fun way of doing a thank you card, I instantly became obsessed!!! I made 10 right away :)

I first saw them on Pinterest [surprise] and made my own. The lady who did them on Pinterest made her's smaller, but I made mine as a half sheet of paper :)

Here's a pic, and click the link below for a FREE download!!

Step 1: Print the download onto cardstock so they're sturdier.
Step 2: Grab a few coffee sleeves from your desired coffee shop...obviously I LOVE Starbucks.
Step 3: Glue the coffee sleeve onto the thank you card.
Step 3: Purchase a Starbucks gift card [I'm just doing $5 because it could really add up] and stick the gift card into the coffee sleeve.
Step 4: Give to someone at your school that really helps you out!

Ms. W


  1. What a great idea! Could even turn them into folding cards, and make just a thank you note out of them, if the $5 starts to add up!

  2. I am doing these - thanks!