August 9, 2012

Teacher Toolbox

According to Pinterest, I'm on the latter end of this fad, but that didn't stop me! So here is my Teacher Toolbox and how I made it. Several teachers and staff at my school always come to me for supplies because I always have now they are located in one, easy to find place. Maybe I'll make another one and raffle it off or something so everyone stops coming to me for supplies :)

Anyway, I first saw the idea on Mrs. Rojas Teaches' Pinterest page which then took me to her blog. I found out that this "toolbox" is sold at Lowes and is around $17.
This "toolbox" only comes in blue, so if you want another color, you need to spray paint it. *Note: I did not use a primer first and that was a mistake...use a primer spray first!

Next, I found some labels that I liked, or you can make your own. I have seen some boxes with great color and all fancy; I chose to keep mine fairly simple so that I can use it with changing classroom themes.
I used a scrapbook glue to adhere the labels to the front of the "toolbox" drawers. This worked very well as they have stayed on and don't have the funny lines you get when you use regular glue. And so I started gluing away!
So here it is with almost all the small drawers filled out. I saved the bigger drawers for index cards, tape, highlighters, etc. Some peoples' "toolboxes" on Pinterest have the bigger drawers holding pens and pencils; but when I tried to put pens and pencils in the box, they don't fit....word to the wise before you glue those labels on :)

And after my so-so spray-painting job, here is my completed Teacher Toolbox. Like I said, I kept it a little low key...the labels just have different colored polka-dot borders. You'll notice too that I have one blank large drawer and one blank small drawer. When I decide what to put in there, I'll just type up the words on the computer, print them out, and then glue them on the blank label I already glued on the drawer.

Just another fun way to organize your classroom. Could even work well for a home office too!

Ms. W


  1. Love it! Looks great. You're going to love using it!!


  2. Question: How do you get your blog as a link under your name?? I can't figure it out :/

  3. This is great! Thanks! I teach high school English special ed, so I'm always on the hunt for blogs and resources that can help. Though you teach honors, you have lots of great ideas I can use. Thank you!


    1. Thanks! I actually teach regular English 10 and the English Support Class too! So I cover the spectrum...feel free to comment on things; I'd love to get your opinion!

  4. sells the 22 drawer organizer in red and gray for a few dollars more. You can have it shipped to your local Walmart (Site to Store), for free!

  5. That's awesome! Thanks for the tip!! :)