July 30, 2012

Teaching Annotation

One of the many struggles students have with reading is comprehension. As a way to help students comprehend what they read, I teach them how to annotate. While some of this is taught in ninth grade, I like to expand what they're looking for when they read.

During the first unit I teach, Animal Farm, I teach the students how to annotate. I give them this handout to use as a reference sheet throughout the year.

To get this FREE printable, click here!

I also encourage the students to buy their own copies of the novel so that they can write in the books, saving a lot of time and money using sticky notes. However, if a student chooses not to purchase his/her own copy, he/she uses sticky notes to make the annotations. Well I just discovered the greatest invention EVER! See-through sticky notes! This will allow the students to make their comments, but still read the text underneath! [Can you tell by all the exclamation points that I'm SO excited?!]

Unfortunately I was only able to find these at Walmart. I went to Target, the Dollar Store, and Office Depot, and none of those places had the see-through kind. Note that they're not made by Post It, but by Avery. So I bought 4 packs in case any students need them or maybe I'll give them away as prizes...

Let me know what you think!

-Ms. W

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