July 23, 2012

Project of the Month: Duct Tape!

Decorating! One of the fun parts of teaching is decorating your room. As you can probably tell from my other classroom pictures, I do have zebra accents going on in my room. Not too much because I don't want to overwhelm anybody, but enough to be noticed and be cute :)

Sometimes buying supplies can be pricy, and we all know we spend way too much on supplies anyway. So I am being resourceful and making my own extras for my room. Duct Tape is a new and fun way to decorate without having to spend a fortune. Just visit any Michaels, Target, Walmart, or Dollar Tree to find the design of designer duct tape you'd like. They have just about any design you could want!

This month I decided to create my own storage bin with duct tape. Instead of purchasing a bin at the store, that can cost anywhere from $10-$20, and that's if they have the design you want, I spent $3.99 on duct tape and I was good to go! I used a cardboard box that supplies came in at school and took it home. I then got out my duct tape and scissors....10 minutes later I was done! See my cute finished project below!

So have fun creating your own little extras with duct tape! I know my friend Liz is going to do this with UCLA duct tape [her Alma mater] for some storage boxes in her classroom.

As mentioned in my Journals post, I also used duct tape to spice up a composition notebook for journal writing. I had a little extra and decided to use one stripe for the box above for a little color. Duct tape has so many uses!

The pink duct tape for a journal, and used again for the storage box!

Enjoy decorating!!

Ms. W


  1. I just love duct tape. I have covered my pocket chart stand, but I never thought about covering a box to make a storage bin. Thank you for the idea. I have given you an award on my blog. Stop by and pick it up.


    A Rainbow of Teaching

  2. Thanks Sue! I appreciate the award! I started following your blog :)

  3. Great idea! I've used that same pink zebra striped duct tape in my own classroom. I also teach high school English.