July 26, 2012

Computer & Email Organization

We all have tons of cute ideas for organizing our classrooms, but what about our computers? This could be the most important tip for organizing I could give you. I have found that my freakishly organized tendencies come in handy when looking for documents on the computer.

On my desktop I keep several folders where I keep my different documents. These are labeled fairly generically, and then go into more depth inside the generic folder.

For example: On my school computer, I have my school documents folder. Then inside that folder, I have several folders:

-English 10
          -Animal Farm
          - Night
          - Black Boy
          - Shakespeare
*As you can see I then break my documents into smaller ones per unit.
-English 10 H
          -Animal Farm
          - Night
          - Black Boy
          - Shakespeare-Writing [for general writing documents that can be used for any grade]
-Reading [again, general reading documents]
-Extras, etc.

This comes in handy when needing to find a document quickly if I need to make an extra copy or need to print an extra for a student. I also know where things are when uploading them to my wiki as well, which cuts down on time.

I also create folders within my work email as well. I have a folder for Memos, Student Correspondence, Parent Correspondence, Cheer, English Dept., and two new ones: Student Teacher Info and BTSA Support Provider Info.
I have found these separate folders to be EXTREMELY useful when needing to find information from an email. I also keep a few in my Inbox if I need to respond to them still or they don't really fit into a category. My Inbox is kind of my Misc folder :) I believe the parent and student folders are the most important. These keep track, with time stamp, of conversations had between you and the other person, and could be used as proof if anything came up that you needed "backing up" with.

So since we spend so much time making sure the "stuff" in our classroom is organized, how about organizing the computer too? Write a comment and let me know if this was helpful!

-Ms. W


  1. Have you used Dropbox? I now keep all of my files there instead of a desktop or flashdrive. (Of course I use your file ideas as well :))

  2. I sort of dabbled with it but found it a little confusing. I should go back and learn how to use it properly! Thanks for the reminder!! :)

    And thanks for looking at my blog; I appreciate it!