July 16, 2012

Affirmations & Acknowledgements: Why students need them

I am going to make today a GREAT day! Sometimes all you need to do is say something out loud to start believing it. Many times throughout the day I find myself just doing comprehension checks to make sure the students are grasping the concepts that I'm begging them to understand. However, I often forget to acknowledge their efforts as well. I just want to make sure they understand, and move on the next standard I have to make sure I cover before STAR testing.

This year I'm going to focus more on affirmations and acknowledgements.  I will be putting up some new affirmational posters around my room this year, to help with the atmosphere. Affirmational posters are to be hung at ear level so that students have a constant view. When students see these, my hope is that they'll read them to themselves, and it will trigger a thought of positive thinking. When I look over and see them, my hope is that it will remind me to say one out loud during the lesson that day.

Here are a few of the new posters I made, which can be found on the Printable Freebies page:

 Then I have two more [which are not freebies because I got them from QLN]:

Acknowledgements: Sometimes it's nice just to have someone say "Thank you". Acknowledge effort, not right or wrong answers, is what will keep the students trying and coming back for more. As a teacher, I am going to try to say "thank you" after a student shares or gives an answer.  There are also situations which can call for a class acknowledgement. These can look like:
  • A power whoosh
  • Snaps
  • 3 claps
  • A "genius" kiss
  • An air high five
  • An air jellyfish fist bump
  • A heart [students make a heart shape with their hands]
  • Raise the roof
  • And so many more that the kids can think of!!
These could mean so much to the kids and might be the only positive interactions they have all day. So do your best and getting everyone in the class to acknowledge all our efforts! Effort creates Ability :)

Enjoy the posters!
You can also get these posters free via:

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Ms. W

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