March 24, 2012


Ever notice how obsessed the students are with their technology?? They're always on their iPhones, computers, and countless other devices. Well I've finally given in....instead of fighting this in the classroom, I'm going to embrace it! I am going to try to make my class more technology friendly.

I already utilize the basics: Power Points, Webquests, posting my handouts online and so forth. But now I'm moving up! I'm going to start using the iPad and create interactive textbooks. My hope is that the kids will be more engaged with the material if they get to be hands on and learn from a "cool" device. What's great about the iPad is that Apple has created can create your own interactive textbooks, or use theirs.

I am going to start creating mini textbooks. I'll compile all my notes and information on, let's say Animal Farm, and that will be a mini textbook. But what's cool about my notes is that I'll put interactive elements in the book. For instance, when they learn about the propaganda tactics that Stalin used, I'll have a little one-two minute video pop up with an example! Keeps them entertained! [Fingers Crossed]

So I'll keep you updated on how this turns out. I'm waiting on the iPad to be delivered, and then I'm off and running!

Hope this inspires you to try your own technology-based fun!

Ms. Wolters

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