February 1, 2012

New Semester, New Organization

Anyone who knows me knows I'm super organized. I didn't think I could get more organized, but I did! With the start of the new semester, I decided to try something new-well, sort of new.

I've always kept extra copies of important handouts in a binder, and when a student needed one, he/she could come ask me for one and I'd go to the binder, pull it out, and hand it over [along with a lecture about being responsible]. Having to stop what I'm doing, go to the binder, and look for the paper, was getting a little time consuming. So this semester, I created a place in the room where I keep all the important "extra" papers are kept so that the students can go get one whenever they need it. I first saw this idea on http://teacheristatales.blogspot.com/ and decided that I had to do it! So the picture below shows what I did:
These hanging folders are on the wall next to the bulletin board where students have easy access.

Folder 1-Editing Marks [students can have a paper showing them the different marks as seen on their essays]
Folder 2- Essay Comment Sheet [Instead of spending hours writing all over their essays, I now write certain numbers (5, 7, 8); each number has a corresponding comment (Where is your hook?, You need analysis here).]
Folder 3-Persuasive Essay Rubric
Folder 4- Autobiographical Narrative Rubric
Folder 5- Literary Response Essay Rubric
Folder 6- Literary Terms packets
Folder 7- English 10 Syllabus
Folder 8- English 10 Honors Syllabus
Folder 9- MLA formatting notes

Hopefully this new organization will help the students be a little more responsible, will save me some time, and will help with the flow of the class!

Have a great day!
Ms. W

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