February 21, 2017

Prep for Pay- a workshop

Remember all those workshops I've been working on?? Well the first one is up and available on my TPT store.  This workshop is about prepping your students for the real-world--resumes & cover letters.

This is an engaging one-hour PowerPoint Presentation; it's interactive, including templates and audience response questions. I've also provided a script, so to speak, on what I said during the presentation, allowing you to get a sense of the presentation and then change it as needed to match your personality.

I consulted many professionals when creating this Power Point, asking their thoughts on resumes, cover letters, and what stands out from the crowd. All these tips will help your students land that job they're looking for, whether they're in high school or college!

This could be used as either a one-hour lesson during your career unit, or you can host it as a workshop for students after school and/or include parents :)

Here's a few pictures showing you what you'll get:

A sample of the Cover Letter template students will receive. 

And this is one of the slides from the presentation.

Head on over to my TPT Store and enjoy presenting this workshop to your students! They'll thank you for it :)

February 5, 2017

I'm Back!

Man alive! I didn't post in January?!? I'm so sorry guys :( School and work started back up and taking 3 classes while working is proving to be more challenging than I thought it would be.

I have, however, been working on an awesome Workshop series at work, and will be getting some of those seminar/workshops/Power Points out to y'all soon.

In the meantime, I have some great products available on my TPT Store, and TPT is throwing a huge sale this week! I also have a Valentine's Freebie up there :)

740 × 400

Make sure you enter the code at checkout to receive an even bigger discount! My store will be 20% off, but if you enter the code: LOVETPT, you'll get 28% off :) Steal!

So keep your eye out for those seminars coming your way :)

December 20, 2016

Fun with Shakespeare- Much Ado About Nothing

Happy December everyone! You're halfway finished with the school year, and this is a great time to think about the end of the school year ;)

One of my favorite units to teach is Shakespeare. I know many teachers don't enjoy teaching Shakespeare, but I think it's because the students come in with a misconception that it's difficult and boring. Well this play will turn that around :)

Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing is a great comedy to teach students. The language is relatively easy, Shakespeare-wise, and is hilarious if the students understand it. Plus, who doesn't enjoy making fun of Keanu Reeve's horrible acting in the Kenneth Branagh movie version?? :)

I've put together some great activities to help you teach this play and keep your students' attention. Take a look!

This also pairs well with my Renaissance Faire unit--a great lead-in to the play. Have fun introducing Shakespeare to your students, and enjoy teaching it as well! You even have the weeks laid out for you with the download, as well as answer keys for the quiz and test.

And with that, I bid thee adieu!

December 5, 2016

Winter-Time Poetry Activity

Happy December all! You're so close to break...can you taste it?!

We all know that the students start to get crazy the week before break, so instead of trying to focus on a novel or lengthy assignment, try mini lessons for each day leading up to break.

In this mini lesson, "Winter-Time" poetry analysis, the students will analyze the poem "Winter-Time" by Robert Louis Stevenson and discuss the literary devices used as well. This lesson will only take one class period, and is best suited for 8-12th grade :) It's ideal because while it is educational, it's not a big deal if a student is absent or misses class. The poetry activity is a great way to refresh their analyzation skills without them thinking it's a big deal of an assignment. The poem is about Winter, not Christmas, so it's great for the public school classroom where it needs to be all-inclusive.

So head on over to my TPT Store and pick it up today! Give yourself a break and save the headache of fighting with the students to finish a major assignment right before break :)

November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday

It's the Holiday Season!!!! Black Friday is over, but Cyber Monday is coming to TPT! Actually, it's Cyber Monday AND Tuesday :)

Enjoy bettering your classroom from the comfort of your own home this Monday & Tuesday! Just head on over to my TPT Store and enjoy 28% off when you use code: CYBER2016 at checkout.

Happy Holidays everyone!

November 15, 2016

Well Hello, November!

Halloween came and went, so did Veteran's Day. Where has the time gone?? Thanksgiving is around the corner, then Christmas, then it's 2017!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Well I'm hopping back on the blog to let you guys know about a great new product I have available. As you know, I'm in the Sign Language Interpreting program at night so that I can add Sign Language on to my credential and teach it as a foreign language.

Side note, I've been making flashcards like CRAZY!!!!

But for the big news-I have created a bundle of quizzes for ASL 1 that focus on fingerspelling. While ASL focuses heavily on signs, it is important for students to know how to understand fingerspelling, both receptively and expressively. These 4 quizzes get progressively more difficult, and start to cover longer words and "things/places" with two names, i.e. Grocery Store.

The first quiz does not require a teacher to sign/spell anything, so it can be given on a sub day ;) The next three do require the teacher to spell the words that the students write down.

Take a look!

You can see here that Quiz #1 utilized the written letters [just to test for recognition and to see who is actually studying the alphabet] whereas Quizzes #2-4 require live spelling.

Answer Keys are provided for all quizzes, and they are available in both Word and PDF :) Check it out here!

Happy Signing!

October 24, 2016

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congrats to Terri Wallace! You won the $20 Starbucks gift card :) Lucky you! I emailed you Terri, and if you can send me your address, I'll get that out to you!

Thanks everyone for participating and following my business. Have a great day!