November 29, 2015

TPT Cyber Sale!!!!

Woo Hoo! Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now TPT's Cyber sale!

Get ready for some major discounts and have fun shopping! Remember, it's never too late to implement new ideas into your classroom :)

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November 23, 2015

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful up!

Hi all! It's officially Thanksgiving break, and I am thankful for that :) I need a break from the hyper 6th graders...though I am thankful to have steady subbing again.

I decided I needed to reflect on what I was thankful for this year, and thought I'd share that with all of you, and see what you're thankful for as well! So join the link up, read, comment, and share :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now it's your turn! Download the photo, use text boxes to put in your answers, make a post with this, and add the post to the link up! Don't forget the rule of 3-comment on two before you and one after you :)

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November 9, 2015

Homework Helpers/Passes-Version 2

I used to not like homework passes. I thought it was a way out for the kids. And I felt like I never gave busy work, so all my homework was important. However, I was highly "encouraged" to make them/hand them out one year, so I reluctantly did so. And I found that I liked what they offered.

Homework passes are a great way to give students responsibility; these passes require students to take responsibility for their actions when using the passes. With my passes, students must check one of the boxes stating that they either: didn't do it; chose not to do it; or had other homework that had a higher priority. This at least makes them stop and think about it for a minute, and decide if it's worth it.

A great option is to offer extra credit points for students who don't use the passes [usually the students that don't actually need the extra credit], but this allows you as a teacher to say that you do offer extra credit in your course.

I also found that it's a great way to weed out a bad assignment. I once had half my honors class use a homework pass on an assignment....I no longer did that assignment. :)

So I've made a second version for you guys. This one is worded a little differently than Version 1, and has a slightly different look.

Let me know what you think!

November 7, 2015


I'm finding it hard to find things to post about now that I'm subbing instead of teaching.

Sure, I could tell you about each subbing experience...the good, the bad, and the ugly, but I figured people would get tired of that. I am liking subbing though, for the most part, and am enjoying not having the responsibility of grading a million essays ;) It's a nice break.

Thoughts on the Texas curriculum: I am finding the Jr. High and High School level English curriculum to be a bit rigid. Every six weeks there's a standardized test...I am NOT used to that. I am used to having autonomy in my teaching. In my old school, as long as I was teaching to the standards, I could basically teach whatever I wanted, and however I wanted.

I'm not seeing much creativity in the classroom, which kind of saddens me. I'm seeing a lot of worksheets...a lot. I know I'm subbing and so teachers leave worksheets because you never know what kind of sub you're going to get, but still. I long-termed for 5 weeks...and it was a LOT of worksheets.

Is this just my experience, or is Texas really this rigid in their curriculum? Any insight anyone can throw my way would be great!

November 1, 2015

November Currently

October has come and gone. My wedding has come and gone. Hopefully the hot weather has come and gone as well. It is Fall y'all!!!

Happy November to everyone, and I hope you had a great October. I am linking up with Farley again to join her Currently post. Enjoy!

*Note....Farley's said "Yummy" at the bottom, but the one we download didn't say that, so I just changed mine ;)

Don't forget the rule of 3!

October 20, 2015

What I'm Reading

Hello Blog Word!

I thought I'd do a fun little post about the books I'm currently reading :) I'm reading one right now, and about to go pick up a second for my book club!


I am currently on the second book in a series called Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. A gal in my book club recommended it. At first I said no way, because the cover made it look like a scary or horror book. It is NOT. It's a little "creepy" in a few parts, but more because of fantasy, not guts/gore. Anyway, I got really into it and couldn't stop!

By Ransom Riggs

So right now I'm on the second one, called Hollow City: The Second Novel Of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children.

Again, NOT SCARY, despite the covers. Go get it!!!

Book Club:

So last month we read Paper Towns by the guy that wrote Fault in our Stars. I loved Fault in our Stars and thought I would like Paper Towns...wrong. Did not care for it. 

So this month we are going to read Still Alice, by Lisa Genova.

I haven't even picked it up yet, so can't tell you a thing about it. However, it was made into a movie and Julianne Moore was the star and she won an Oscar. So that's good ;)

So if you're looking for something to read, try one of these and let me know what you think! :)

Also, side note: I'M GETTING MARRIED SATURDAY!!!!!! Woot Woot!

October 12, 2015

A Refreshing Surprise

It's no secret that this long-term subbing gig for the 6th graders has been challenging. But yesterday, I got a nice surprise.

The fiance and I were driving home, past the school I've been working for. On the marquee out front, there flashed my name :) We stopped and looked, and I got the Staff on Fire "award"/nomination for the week! What a boost...a greatly needed boost. [I actually nominated the two teachers who have been helping me, but they didn't win. I was hoping they did because they have been so gracious and I wanted them to be recognized for all they've I'll do it on my blog (without naming names).]

[I tried to cut out the school name...]

After being so down about the rough time I was having, this was a great reminder that what I do matters. Yes, this may come across as a humble brag, but it's more than that.

This is a reminder to all the subs that we matter. It may not feel like people notice how hard we try, but they do. And that should give us the drive to keep doing our best everyday we sub. I know personally, that when I was teaching full time and needed a sub, I GREATLY appreciated any sub that actually did my lesson plans. Just take care of my kids...that's all. And so as a sub, it's my job to take care of their kiddos too.

So fellow subs-keep your chin up on the rough days...know that you are doing a greater good. :)

Happy Columbus Day & enjoy the day off. I'm also having a 10% off sale over at my TPT Store if you wanna stop by!